We Are The Traveling Dukes:

Simon Key

Sir Simon began his illustrious career as a videographer working on stop motion animations, video reviews, vlogging and various other videos centering around the Halo franchise.  His hard work and dedication paid off and cultivated a die hard community of followers on Youtube and other social media platforms. From there he organized BloksFest, a convention in the North West of England focussed on Halo. The event attracted hundreds of fans each year to gather in a hall and kill each other in the virtual world of Halo... or "bliss" as he would say.

That however wasn’t enough for Simon, so the young Brit set off for the East in search of new beginnings, and the odd spot of tea. 

Kurt Zindulka

Sir Kurt isn’t actually a “Sir” at all, being the only American member of The Traveling Dukes, but technicalities were never his strong suit anyway.  

Hailing from Upstate New York, Kurt has been galavanting across China and South East Asia for the past five years.  He has been on a mad journey in search of the truth, leading him down many strange rivers and dark alleyways.

Kurt's life is full of close calls and harrowing tales, but he has no intention of slowing down anytime soon.

Thomas Faulkner

Last but definitely not least is The Traveling Dukes’ very own Squire (Photographer).  Tom grew up on the rough and tumble streets of Manchester, England.  With a strong desire to break out and free himself from the daily grind, he used his guile and streetwise knowledge to save up and hit the road. 

He has traveled the world, honing his craft along the way in South America, Africa and South East Asia.  Now he has joined forces with The Dukes to record the madcap adventures that will surely follow.  

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