Monk Fruit Tea Health Benefits

The Magical Monk Fruit of South East Asia has many incredible health benefits.  This naturally sweet fruit contains powerful antioxidants, and has been used as medicine in Southern China by buddhist monks for centuries.

1. Sweeter Than Sugar With Zero Guilt

Monk Fruit's sweet flavor comes from antioxidants called mogrosides.  These compounds create a sweet flavor, that when extracted can be up to 300-400 times sweeter than table sugar.  This makes Monk Fruit tea a great option for people with diabetes, on a keto diet, looking to loose weight or anyone who wants to reduces their sugar intake.
So say goodbye to guilt and sugar with a lovely pot of Monk Fruit Tea!

2. Monk Fruit Fights Cancer 

Monk Fruit has several compounds that have been shown to fight cancer and cancer growth.  The mogroside antioxidants that give the the fruit its sweet flavor also have anti-carcinogenic effects.  Mogroside IV has suppressed throat and colon cancers in mice, and Mogroside V has slowed tumor growth for mice with pancreatic cancer.  The mogrosides found in Monk Fruit increase DNA repair genes that protect against cancer, and because cancer cells require blood glucose (sugar), the Magical Monk Fruit serves as a double whammy in fighting cancer. 

So protect yourself and your body with a daily brew of Magical Monk Fruit Tea!

3. Monk Fruit Fights Inflammation

The consumption of sugar is one of the leading causes of inflammation, a leading cause of chronic pain for many people.  By contrast the sugar free Monk Fruit has been demonstrated to protect the body from damaging free radicals, providing an extra boost against inflammation. 

So sip away those aches and pains with a morning brew of Monk Fruit Tea!

4. It is a Natural Anti-Histamine 

Allergies can be debilitating for many people, and drinking a cup of monk fruit daily is an all natural way of warding off the allergy blues.  In studies with mice monk fruit extract was proven to reduce nasal itchiness and scratching from histamines.  This effect was only demonstrated with continual use of monk fruit, meaning it must be consumed daily to have the intended effect. 

So the next time you are stuffed up with the sniffles, pour yourself a pot of Monk Fruit Tea!

5. Reduces Risk of Obesity and Diabetes 

In a 4 week study on diabetic rabbits the administration of Monk Fruit extract dramatically reduced the levels of triglycerides, total cholesterol and sugar in the blood.  At the same time it increased the amount of HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol), promoting artery and heart health.   Monk Fruit has also been shown to decrease blood sugar levels in the kidneys of diabetic rats, suggesting that it can repair kidney damage caused by diabetes.  

Unlike artificial sweeteners like aspartame, the all natural Monk Fruit doesn't contain any nasty chemicals,  making it one of the healthiest ways to replace sugar.  Reducing sugar intake is one of the best ways to drop those unwanted extra pounds.  A compound found inside the Monk Fruit, called mogrol, has also been shown to inhibit pre-fat cells known as pre-adipocytes from developing into mature fat cells.  This helps your body in reducing your overall fat level. 

So if you're looking get rid of those love handles, cut out those sugary drinks and sip on some lovely Monk Fruit Tea!

6. Wards Off Infections

Monk Fruit Tea has been used in China for centuries as a Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat colds and coughs.  A compound found within the fruit called siraitiflavandiol is naturally anti-microbal, and wards off infections in the respiratory and gastrointestinal tracts as well as promoting oral health and preventing tooth decay. 

So if the winter blues has got you stuck in bed with a cold, sip on a hot cup of Monk Fruit Tea and kick that cold out of your life!

7. Monk Fruit Fights Fatigue 

Monk Fruit has been known as the "longevity fruit" in China for hundreds of years.  Since the Monk Fruit doesn't get its sweetness from sugar, you won't experience any energy crashes associated with blood sugar levels.  In multiple studies on exercising mice, Monk Fruit was shown to increase the amount of time they could exercise. 

So next time you're going for a jog, drink a cup of lovely Monk Fruit tea to help you reach that next level!

8. Slows the Aging Process

The fragility of mitochondrial DNA has been increasingly linked to the aging process.  Since mitochondria are prone to damage the more we age it is important to give those little guys as much help as we can to slow the aging process.  The antioxidants found in Monk Fruit Tea help protect mitochondria from mutating, which has been linked to all sorts of problems in the body including rapid aging.  

So protect your mitochondrial DNA and keep those wrinkles away with a spot of Monk Fruit Tea!